Friday, May 14, 2010

dear chaucer,

i don't really like you right now.
why is troilus and criseyde SO LONG?!
i know you were "ahead" of your time,
but it would have been nice if you were a little extra ahead...
and wrote in modern english instead of middle english :\

i much prefer you in a knight's tale this way:



  1. Chaucer is such a pain :-/

  2. Bleugh. I hated middle English. Probably because I studied it in a time when I would rather have been in middle earth. And wasn't interested in his dirty mind.

  3. Every day I adore you more and more. Paul Bettany is my favorite actor. And he's deliciously handsome to boot! Thanks for posting him today. Good luck with Chaucer! I started reading it once.. I should probably find that and get back on it. You've inspired me!