Saturday, June 13, 2009

dear uc santa cruz,

thank you for a pretty good year.

there were a lot of things i didn't like about you, as an institution, but the people you had there made up for it. for the future, it might be nice if you didn't overcharge and rip people off, have a crappy bus system, serve inedible indian food everyday, force us to purchase a health care system that didn't help, and only look out for your own financial benefit.

but you have an amazing faculty and a pretty great student body. i mean, the freshmen can be pretty annoying... but i think that happens everywhere. thanks for picking out my roommates, they were pretty great. also, please give magali her priority housing back. you messed up her application, not her.

the stevenson coffee shop is amazing, and i don't think you realize how great everyone there is. also, the disability van service is very nice. it would be nicer, however, if you made everything handicap friendly. also, the sign outside of your elevators that say "save your heart, and energy," are really offensive to people who physically cannot go up the stairs. and, all of your elevator permits are expired.

also, stop allowing douchebags to play intramural sports.

all in all, if it weren't for the nice human beings there, you would completely suck. but, because of them, you got lucky. and i'm thankful for the year overall.


ps- it would be nice if you allowed people to keep all of the meals they pay for with meal plans.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

dear norman,

i know this photo isn't you.

but i was on paper tissue and saw it and of course thought of you
because there is a striking resemblance.

you are the greatest cat i've ever ever met and i have
no idea why i was afraid of you when you were a kitten.

probably because i was a wimp.

but i'm really glad you dont claw when you sit on my lap,
and that you purr when david and i rub your belly.
and then drool from happiness.

you're the cutestgreatestmostwonderful
cat in the whole world.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

dear heart,

today you've been hurting so bad.
i'm missing the way you felt all warm and full.

it's almost the end, but soon another beginning
and i know how much you hate starting over again.
i'll try to make it as quick and painless as possible
because i still need you.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

dear jim davis,

how do you know me so well?


Monday, June 1, 2009

dear anonymous,

i think this blog is unknown enough for me to write to you.

of course, the second you read this, you'll know it's for you,
and for "us."

not to dwell on things lost, but here are some of my favorite memories:

1. being color-coded, always
2. writing cute and nonsense notes
3. being the same
4. dates
5. mr. ellison muffins
6. making lists
7. making appointments on the same day within half an hour
of each others'... by complete coincidence
(i.e. permit tests and haircuts)
8. vitamin c
9. harmonizing to "the only gay eskimo"
10. the traveling green pants

i hope you're doing well.


dear ni-mo,

last year, we celebrated my/my sister's/my other sister's birthday with you. you were wonderful then and i kind of forgot you until today when i went to visit you with my mother.

thank you for being fairly priced, and for treating my mother like a valued customer. she loves going and knowing that she has friends on staff, and she loves the salmon skin cucumber salad that you make especially for her. i'm filled with warmth when i see that my mother feels especially cared for.

your sushi was wonderful, particularly the tempura roll, and my mom (and i) really loved the agedashi. probably the best i've had.

i hope to come again soon!


ps - thanks for the edamame!