Sunday, February 14, 2010

dear david,

i can't wait to share our travel adventures in just 37 days.

everything reminds me of you, and it doesn't help that you share a last name with the george washington of italy:

i can't wait for our train rides together seeing beautiful things along the way like this:

(although i'm guessing there won't be much snow...)

i know this isn't your favorite holiday, but i like it because i spend it thinking of you.

even if we are 6000 miles apart.

see you in paris ♥



  1. Hi Celeste! Thanks for your comment on my blog :) I love the idea of this one! I love writing letter blog posts. My little blog counter says you logged on from near Genoa - I've visted there! See here ( and here ( and here!(
    ENJOY IT! It's such a wonderful region :)

  2. i love it!

    kiwi and i went to paris on our honeymoon... there is nothing better than paris with the one you love.