Wednesday, February 17, 2010

dear americans in florence,

yes, you.

the very ones who make no effort to learn more than 7 words in italian, and care nothing about italian culture. you who came here with no intention of learning, but just to say "you've been" to florence, to europe, to wherever. wasting your money to get shit-faced every night or to spend ridiculous amounts on stupid things you can easily buy back in america. why are you here? how can you waste an opportunity like this?

it makes me sad that there are people who would give almost anything to be in your position, and you're here just wasting it.


  1. "when in rome, do as the romans do".

    this post reminded me: when i was in florence last spring i was backpacking with five other 20-22 year-old girls. one night when they decided to go dancing through the streets screaming and yelling. i have never been so embarrassed for myself or the people i was with. it's that kind of thing that gives us all a bad name.

  2. :) This reminds me of my first time in Italy! It seems that no matter where you go, we more discreet and smart travelers can't escape the loud Americans who just want McDonalds when they are somewhere like... Florence! (Lucky you!) :)

  3. WELL SAID! It makes me sick and embarrassed when I see ignorant Americans traveling the world- whether it be to Europe or South America, wherever!- and they make absolutely NO effort to speak the language, learn and live the culture or respect anything going on around them. I thought that was the entire point of traveling?!

    P.S. I have something for you on my blog :)

  4. i did a study abroad in austria during college and it definitely seemed like the other kids were more interested in the local bars than the amazing museums and sights... such a wonderful opportunity wasted!

    all we can do is be conscientious travelers ourselves and hope others take note...

    so jealous you are traveling about as we speak!