Thursday, January 14, 2010

dear today,

you sucked.

i understand that it's ungrateful of me to complain, considering that i'm in a beautiful city in a beautiful country, but really?

i feel like when trying to be my best, rational self, i've been kicked down the hardest.

i want to photocopy the readings so i can do my homework yet keep the book on reserve... so someone checks out the only copy we have.

i put off buying a purse that i like because i want to make sure it's something i need (it is) and something affordable (it was)... so less than 24 hours later it's gone.

i want to make my time in florence a worthwhile and unique experience with something i'm passionate about (photography)... but i can't volunteer unless i stay for 2 quarters.

i need to go to the doctor because my knee is getting swollen and i want to make sure it's okay... but i need to pay 100 euro.

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