Monday, January 18, 2010

dear risti megan,

thank you for being an inspirational blog friend,
and thank you for tagging me
i do love to make lists
and i think it would only be appropriate to do this list
in mini-letter form :)

1. dear ancient greek,
{via flickr}

our relationship started when i wanted to read the new testament in its original language, and 3 years later here i am. you are ridiculously difficult, and we definitely have a love/hate relationship. but the 2% of the time that i understand you.. is the best feeling in the world. thank you.

2. dear rain boots,

please stop breaking. i am currently searching for my 3rd pair of you, and you're pretty essential to my life (since i despise wet socks). please find me soon, oh sturdy pair, my life is empty without you.

3. dear paramore,

i think i'm in love with you, and i might be borderline obsessed with hayley williams. i love that she isn't afraid to be her own person, and as a band, you don't make excuses for who you are. your lyrics seem to know exactly what my heart has been dying to say. oh, and hayley's vocals are nothing short of amazing.

4. dear moon,
{via flickr}

ever since astrology i just can't get enough of you. you astound me, in the best ways possible.

5. dear david,
my secret isn't a secret anymore (especially since it's been living at the bottom of my travel blog for the past 9 months). i can't wait to travel all over europe with you in a few months.

6. dear art,

thank you for coming in the form of tattoos. i love my most recent one, and i think you look good on my shoulder. thank you for allowing me to represent my mother's favorite flower (jasmine) and us 4 kids. family means the most.

7. dear raiza and raine,

you are the most beautiful little babies i've ever seen. you fill my heart with the purest joy and i'm sad that i'm gone for 6 months while you grow up. i'll be back soon, and i can't wait to have tea parties with the both of you. i'm so proud to be your aunt.


ps - if anyone happens to stumble upon this, and hasn't made a list yet, please do and come back and let me know. i would love to know more about you.


  1. how much do i love rain boots!
    EXCEPT that they look like they would keep your feet warm, but actually the rubber makes your feet freeze.

    and amen to paramore!

  2. great list, i really love # 7 and 5 :)

  3. I like your list, maybe I'll make one too :) Moon astaunds me too!

  4. Beautiful list! I'm so impressed that you can read Greek. And how cute are those kids? You're so lucky to be their aunt. I'm so jealous that you're going to Europe.