Monday, May 25, 2009

dear weekend,

you weren't as productive as i thought you might be, but thanks for helping me finish all of my greek homework.

i enjoyed both getting out of the house and staying in, and really loved the blueberry pancakes.

something i've been noticing more and more is how much i love natural light. on our way to our second softball game today, i was walking with carol and we agreed how much we love the warmth of the sun right after walking out of the shade. it's one of the most warm and comfortable things, i think.

in any case, weekend, i'm glad you decided to stick around longer for an extra day. along with blueberry pancakes, some of my other favorites were making this blog, going grocery shopping, my tuna and relish sandwich, the ice cream crunch bars, watching the a's win [twice!!], and cuddling with david while watching the food network.

let's do this again soon!


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